The Guanaco is the emblematic animal of the Southern Patagonia, a species of the native fauna of this region and a carrier of one of the main precious fibers worldwide. They came from North America two million years ago and became the cattle of the South American tribes or "Chonik": Los Patagones, Tehuelches, Onas and Yamanes. It is estimated that around 6 million guanacos existed throughout Patagonia at the beginning of the 20th Century. Today, about 2 million of this species inhabit the region, which translates into that 95% of the guanaco population lives in Argentina, and of these 90% live in Patagonia according to data collected by specialists on American camelids from the IUCN.

For 20 years, GuenGuel has been dedicated to research on how to make the best use of this animal's fiber, developing the process and technology necessary to obtain and produce the precious raw material used to make one of the most important garments. fine of the world. We have the technical and practical knowledge to carry out this unique activity in the world, also achieving during the process the protection of this native species of Patagonia and therefore the conservation of our region.


Legend has it that a long, long time ago, a Cacique named Kuanip punished two guanacos by enclosing them behind his hut. After managing to escape to the mountain they met Zorro, who convinced them of the benefits of life in freedom. The guanacos returned and told their whole family what they had learned, and since then they went wild.

In GuenGuel we protect the guanaco by taking advantage of its fiber, providing a context where animals grow and live in open spaces in their natural environment, ensuring their life in conditions of maximum well-being.